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Working your Customer List

Many times when an individual’s business is slowing down the immediate reaction is to increase the marketing efforts to gain new clients.  Often times, however, to gain “new business” an individual really has to look no further than their existing customer list.

I remember one such client – an advertising specialties company.  She had a client list to “die for”.  Many of her clients were Fortune 500 companies or large municipalities. Whenever business got slow, she wanted to go out and “bring in new customers”.

It was suggested that she look at her existing client base and try to market to other departments within the companies she was currently servicing.  Other departments were purchasing the same products and services she was providing from other suppliers.

Since she was already on the approved vendor list, it would be much easier and more cost effective for her to solicit those other departments rather than solicit new companies.  She hadn’t thought of that, and immediately began to seek other departments within her current client companies.  The result, her business began to grow.

If you’re looking to increase your business,  you need to look no further than your existing customers and work your customer list.



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