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Moved – Did you notice?

Texas Flag

If you have taken a look at the picture on the about page, you’ve noticed an unusual update. No longer sport coat and striped shirt, now it’s Wranglers and open collared shirts (except on the golf course or tennis court). Actually that is a bit of an overstatement but I am enjoying a lot more casual lifestyle  in a small rural area of West Test know as Haskell. Haskell, town of 3,200 is the  county seat of Haskell County, population 5,800, and approximately 55 miles north of Abilene or 198 miles west of Fort Worth in an area referred to as “The Big Empty”.

Why am I here? Lots of reasons that I will discuss over the coming posts, but for the beginning, let’s say it is a return to a state that I love and enjoy but am not a native. My wife can claim that level of acceptance however. So, I am an adopted son but a happy one.

Texas is unique and living in a small Texas town is more unique. Learning  how business works here in Haskell is quite an undertaking from many perspectives and one that has been a frustration but a positive experience. I hope to use this experience in talking with you and commenting on business and entrepreneurship as the months go by. For now, just glad to be back and as they say “up and running”.

Thanks Sam, this is for you.



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