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The Odds Are In Your Favor!

Earthquakes in Japan, Volcano erupts in Ireland, Flooding throughout the Midwestern US, Wildfires in Arizona and New Mexico thousand are left homeless scream our headlines.  Yet when you really stop to think about it, on a grand scale very few people are affected and more survive these events than don’t.

Today in the US our economy is a mess.  Unemployment is as high as it has been in years, banks and large companies have collapsed in recent years. Even though it has affected all of us to some degree, in reality more are less affected than harmed.  So it appears the odds are in your (and mine) favor of you (us)  not being the victim of some tragedy.

It seems with every tragedy opportunity presents itself.  Just look at the security industry after 9/11, or changes to the automobile as a result of the “gas shortages” and dependence on foreign oil.

As we view various chaotic events unfold in the world or our life, do we see opportunities that we can take advantage of to change our lives for the better?  Or, do we view these events as “doom and gloom” for our world?   When you see chaotic events whether in the world or in your life, look for the opportunities to better yourself. Remember the odds will be in your favor.



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