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Loose Ends

My wife and I have been going through old papers, photos and miscellaneous items of her parents both of whom have passed away in the last three years. Her mother was a special person in many ways; an author of many articles, a newspaper publisher, an amazing mentor to her daughter and a very unique mother-in-law to me. So why does this relate to my topic?

Over the past few days I have heard my wife often say about one of her mother’s notes on a piece of paper, or in a notebook or tablet “I wish I knew what she was thinking” or “I wish I knew when she wrote this”. You see, my mother-in-law left few notes or dates on the many years of materials she reviewed, researched and saved for some future article or project. So we see her as an unfinished work – full of loose ends.

Think about the loose ends or uncompleted tasks you have on your desk or in your files. What would you want your business partner, associate or friend to say about your “loose ends”?



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