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Tightrope walkers and small business owners

What’s the difference between tightrope walkers and small business owners? Not much!

Each one depends on making small and subtle changes to stay alive. The tightrope walker must be constantly aware of the environment around them and react quickly to complete their walk successfully. Most likely their changes are only minor ones as a major change indicates a major problem  – something you don’t want when you are high up on a rope. Likewise, for the small business owner must constantly be prepared to make adjustments -for example price increases from suppliers or to customers must be carefully calculated. Too big an adjustment and it’s a big problem, not enough and you may fail.

In so many other areas the same process is always in play and in every instance, the consequences are same. Make the adjustment, look around to see that you are still upright and moving in the direction you want, take a deep breath and take the next step. Remember, too, don’t look down or back. Focus on what is ahead of you.



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